Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Burning Issues! Swampland in Florida, Women's Networking, More

  • Just back from Florida. Sarasota. Got to chat with an actual banker (Iberia) at a bar in Sarasota. He told me that real estate in Florida still isn't going anywhere fast. Don't rush. He's renting a 2 bedroom condo (owns a home elsewhere in Florida) in a beautiful building just up the street from the Ritz in Sarasota. Price? $1300 all in including TV!
  • Long discussions with a friend in the financial services business. Key issue he's seeing - his top producers are getting old. A large number of them will be retiring in the next 10 years. Tradition in the industry the past few years has been filling gaps by stealing from other firms, not train newbies. That's not going to work much longer - they're all getting old. So, big question - how to ramp young blood and get them ready to take on some great great, demanding clients. My advice - look outside the industry at how others intake large numbers and get them ready. Start now.
  • Women's networking is on my mind as a result of our work here at Boardroom Metrics. Women want to be with women. It makes them more comfortable. Which I guess is why there are so many women's networking groups. So let me ask a taboo question - are women/how much are women doing themselves a disfavour networking primarily with women? Even if women hold 50% of the top jobs in corporate North America (which they don't), isn't it better to network with women AND MEN? Just asking.
  • RIM is still around. For those not into Canadian cheerleading of the Company, here's today's article from Forbes. Bottom line. There are no buyers and there is no bottom.

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