Sunday, October 18, 2009

Microsoft is Cool Again??

My it guys installed Win 7 on a new Lenova desktop and were not impressed with the reliability. At least 50% of the time it would lock up on bootup and didn't get past the startup screen. Hopefully the final release will be more stable than the RC but I would wait and let others – and by that I mean real people you know and trust take the plunge first. If it's still got problems you can bet MS will release a Service pack ASAP.

The latest Fortune cover says 'Microsoft is Cool Again'. Man, if they are, I'm missing it. Can Win 7 do that? I'm pretty sure cool is being driven by clouds, smart phones and apps, not outdated operating systems that take forever to start-up and need updating every 4 days. We'll see what Win 7 can do. But by then hopefully I'll have my new Mac.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Air India pilots, crew slug it out at 30,000 ft

There were unconfirmed reports that at one stage the cockpit was unmanned, as the crew was busy fighting outside.

And in the left seat, weighing in at 260 lbs is Captain Hulk Hogan. And in the co-pilots seat, I can't wait for this edition of Mayday!!

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Leadership Smeadership

Okay. I know it’s a settings thing. Sometime, a long, long time ago – probably when leadership was being invented – I must have indicat...