Saturday, March 3, 2012

Younger. Today.

It 's 9:00pm. Florida time. Tried looking for the Leafs game. Leafs game? New coach? Found a high school game. Not watching them either.

It's 80 degrees. Heat lightning. Outdoors. By the pool. Just like Toronto during the the last week of July.

Global warming will be good for Toronto. It already has been. What a winter! Average temp has been what? +2?! That's pretty cool. In a too warm kind of way.

I'm reading a book called 'Younger Next Year'. For the second time. We all have our inspirations. This book was mine. Basic premise is simple: we're either thriving or decaying. Thriving equals hunting, learning and doing. Decaying equals winter. Hibernation. Toronto from October to April. Eating, sleeping and watching TV.

I've been here 3 days. Haven't seen TV yet. Maybe they don't have it this far south? But I've kayaked, cycled, swam, cycled, swam. Golfing tomorrow at 8.

It's spring break. That's fun! On the beach today with college kids from Ohio. Toronto south. Except for the Univerity of Miami hard-0n. Just jealous I guess. I am. Where do U of M kids go for Spring Break? Key West? South America? Toronto?

I love Toronto. Seriously. But seriously - this is better. A friend of mine's mom comes here every winter. From Toronto. What everybody's noticed this year is that her mom is inspiringly younger than she's ever been. I can tell it's unnerving. In a very cool kind of way.

This is my third time here this winter. Aside from the tan and lack of bags under my eyes it's probably difficult to tell I'm thriving. But I am.

It's 9:00pm. Florida time.

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