Thursday, December 4, 2008

CEO Christmas Xmas Letter or Speech

Using the web analytics tool (sitemeter) that I use to analyze traffic to this blog, I know what people are searching for when Google sends them here. Want to know what the largest search term is over the past week - by far? CEO xmas letter. A long time ago I wrote this post about a funny xmas letter from a friend. Now, apparently when desperate CEO's (or more likely EA's) go searching for xmas letter ideas, they end up on this blog.

So I got thinking. My friend's letter isn't much help. But some time ago, I gave this semi-decent (it got good feedback) speech at a client xmas party. Maybe there's something helpful here...either for a Christmas letter or hey, steal it for a speech. Here it is:

Hello everyone. I want to extend a warm welcome to employees…and their guests. Welcome to the 200X Jumbo the Clown Christmas/Holiday party.

Is anybody else here just a little shocked that we’re already at this time of year again? For me, it’s been exactly 12 months since I became involved in a management role with Jumbo the Clown. Although this is my first party, I still remember talking to Thing One and Thing Two like it was yesterday, planning for our 200X kick off meetings.

That was a year ago? I was shocked talking to Mr. Colours and Thing Two last week – we’re already planning our 200X+1 kick-offs – we need to be – its almost January!!

This has been a very interesting and successful year for the company. I would say challenging too but really, every year has its challenges. We’ve come through this one as you would expect – strong and full of momentum. In 200X-1 we had our biggest year ever. This year, 200X we will exceed 200X-1. This will be our biggest year ever.

On Monday, the management team will present our plans for 200X+1 to the Board. Our goal is to make 200X+1 even more interesting…and successful than 200X.

There are some people in audience that deserve a lot of credit for our success in 200X……all of you.....

....From the people in sales and marketing who help us bring in the business….

through the service, admin, IT and ops people who ensure we process the business…..

through the corporate accounting people who make sure we still have a business…..

through the governance people who keep the regulators out of our business….

and the support staff who help all of us – at least on the management and investor teams, go about our business…..

your dedication to this company, its customers and its employees is clearly recognized and appreciated. We do not take it for granted. Thank you. All of you.

I do specifically want to recognize the hard work of the employee council. Thank you for organizing this party and all of the other important employee events throughout the year. Your hard work, much of which takes place outside of regular business hours is the glue that helps make this company what it is. Thanks again for what you’ve done. Am I right in thinking you’re glad you know longer have to report to me?

In addition, I want to thank the investors for a couple of things. I joked (sort of) when I got this job that they were doing something quite brave in stepping away from their day-to-day roles and providing me and the new management team with this opportunity. We appreciate it and we will not let you down.

Secondly, you…the employees….need to know that the candy canes all employees received this year came as a result of the owner’s on-going generosity – I was merely the messenger. I think they deserve a hand of appreciation. I personally want to thank them for their support in running this business.

In closing, have fun tonight…..Have a great holiday season…. Be safe……And sincerely…..thank you.

Unfortunately, I was fired about a week after giving this speech (actually I gave it, knowing I was going to be fired). But what the heck....the party was good, the speech went over well and everybody had fun....oh, and Jumbo the Clown has never matched the kind of success the team achieved that year.

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