Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanks Jack Astors!

Recently, I met a colleague at Jack Astors. To be fair, it's not my first time there!

When you ask for the wifi username and password, it's comes with this wonderful little explanation:
Thank you for visiting us today. We offer this time limited wireless access service at no charge and we offer it on an as is basis with no support services. We appreciate your business and we want you to have a good experience using this service but we do not employ computer experts in our restaurants so you must help yourself. Having said that, we would like to offer some steps that should help you establish a connection to our wi-fi service. These steps are not meant to be comprehensive instructions, just helpful hints in case you need some assistance. We ask that you please not ask your server for assistance as they are not trained to assist you with this service.
I've been trying to figure out why I like this so much - it is just the wifi instructions after all. Thinking:
  1. it's clear
  2. it's appreciative
  3. it's honest 
  4. it's got personality
  5. it says 'we get it'
  6. it's helpful
  7. it's well written
  8. it's not overwritten
  9. it's good for their staff
  10. it's good for their customers
This simple, well done execution actually helped me feel better about the Jack Astor's brand. That's something I'm sure won't surprise my customer experience friends but is frankly a little scary given how almost insignificant it is in the scheme of running a Jack Astors - or any operation.

Better buy whoever wrote it a beer!

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