Monday, March 9, 2009

Thanks Twitter

Nothing like a 'going out of business' post to drive blog traffic.

Thanks Twitter.

Here's what I'm learning about Twitter:

- it's not about posting every detail of my life (honestly, do you care?)
- it is about conversation
- the conversation isn't obvious the first time you look at/try Twitter
- Twitter is a great way to share interests
- it's way simpler than Facebook
- make some juicy tweets (links, sharing, pics, insight) and you'll attract some inspiring followers
- connect to some interesting people (directories, see who others are following) and you'll learn some interesting stuff
- post a pic from my lousy BB Curve and get 10x the traffic I do with some photoshopped masterpiece on Flickr
- twitter_tips rocks!
- Whistler is on Twitter - conditions are great
- Air Canada is squatting on Twitter - isn't Twitter the perfect tool for airline updates?!
- the TTC isn't on Twitter but their followers are
- Global TV and a bunch of other media (newspapers, etc) Twitter all the time
- Queen's U is on Twitter - so cool that they get it
- this wine retailer is the king of Twitter marketing
- and Toronto's amazing on Twitter

I'm still taking a break!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Taking a Break

Over the past few years I've been interested and involved in learning what I can and staying current on blogging and other web technologies. They're fun.

I've had a purpose in mind too. I know they're good for business and I know they're the future of business. So I want to keep up.

Unfortunately, there's something new to try all the time..and not always time to try what's new. My 'portfolio' of projects is getting large - a website, several blogs, this blog, facebook, youtube, flickr, linkedin, naymz, twitter and probably a couple I can't remember.

It hasn't been in vane. Being present on the web drives business and experimenting has proved it. Now, I've had substantial, key opportunities come as a direct result of being found on the web. It's not just that googling myself feels good!

My website in particular does well (despite the fact it probably gets the least attention).

This blog has been frustrating. It operates purely by the rules of Google. If I kept at it every day, kept adding content, linked to others, left comments, etc it might do better. But I don't. And traffic is marginal for how much I care.

Occasionally, specific content drives big increases in traffic. At Xmas, the speech I posted for CEO's scrambling to get ready for their holiday parties was a huge hit. Who knew!!!

That's Google.

So now, when I have specific content appropriate for this business oriented blog I'll post it. If it's good content, Google will still find it.

But my interests go way beyond that and for the next while I'm going to play around with other fun stuff - like Twitter (I DID NOT get Twitter at first, now I see it's got way more connecting power than I ever expected), and another piece of blogging, social tracking software called tumblr.

Who knows, what's next? New technology isn't about to stop. I doubt it will get any less fascinating.

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