Friday, November 4, 2011

Following up the Sock Thing

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about tangled cords on our electronic devices. Having solved that mystery, I finished the post by saying I was about to search Google for the mystery of missing socks.

I was kidding.

However, I'm easily distracted and with a little encouragement I've done it. And, there is no answer.

But. I saw a great work-around.

The sacrificial sock.

Instead of tossing a simple pair of (2) socks into the wash or dryer, toss three. Not only is it a great use of those orphan socks, it helps protect the integrity of the pair. It's a truly inspired idea.

Which got me thinking of sacrificial other stuff. Like my friend, Mr. Amazing BBQ dude. When I asked him how how he does it perfectly every time he said "simple. Sacrificial steak. I always have an extra one (or it could be yours) that I cut into while it's cooking.".

Which explains a lot.

Then there's the sacrificial blog post. Like this one!

Have a great day!

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