Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time Usage: how we spend our day - unique interactive graphic from the NY Times

Data visualization on a very sophisticated level. Scroll or click anywhere on the graphic to drill down on the data. Refine by group by choosing from the top right.

This is a powerful visualization. However, it still requires some serious effort to come to serious conclusions. Without it, you get this: we spend a lot of time eating, sleeping and working (the headline helped). The unemployed don't work as much. 11am is the peak work time. At 5am most people are sleeping. At noon, only 12% of people are eating (that seemed surprising). We spend less than an hour/day socializing (does that include all that time at work?) and at any given time no more than 10% of us are doing it. 5pm is peak travel time with 13% of us out there going somewhere. People 65+ don't spend much time on education.

Actually, oversimplifying doesn't do justice to what's here. Presenting tons of data this way is very impressive. Try it.

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