Sunday, July 26, 2009

Got a comment? Keep it to yourself - The Boston Globe

By the way, don’t bother posting any comments directed to me when this article appears on the Web. I won’t see them. Instead, go start your own website or blog or buy a legitimate newspaper, or write a letter to the editor, or an op-ed (and sign your own name to it). If you really have something interesting to say, I’ll find you.

Wow. I thought the Boston Globe had gone out of business. It employs people like this and survived? How?

On a separate but related topic I see this author sharing a point of view that others in the traditional media seem to be hanging on to. That somehow they are more credible and trustworthy than other forms of media. That they are 'real' journalism. I swear, not getting this one is THE major miss that is sideswiping newspapers, with TV following right behind. Audiences learned something really important over the past 5+ years - they learned that the traditional media and many traditional 'journalists' are lazy, biased, frequently wrong, and in the business for one thing - to appeal to their own particular market niches. The Fox's and the Lou Dobb's have done more to devalue traditional media than the internet and goofy commenters combined. If traditional media has any hope, that hope would be to truly return to unbiased perspectives and quality reporting. That seems especially important given the new pay-for-content business models being floated about for newspapers that can only work if audiences find something that is good enough - and unique enough, to pay for. The odds of that happening seem pretty slim right now.

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