Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wired Wednesday Non-post

Here are the notes I took on Blackberry at last night's Wired Wednesday event in Toronto. Overall a very worthwhile, well-run and informative networking event.
  • green my apple
  • power maps
  • invoke the hero
  • content as raw material for remixing
  • before: send a message
  • now: connect two people who want to cure cancer
  • what can you learn from Grand Theft Auto? Paris Hilton?
  • see the theme - don't get moralistic
  • not-for-profits are good business too
There was way more. Questions I didn't ask but wanted to: 1) what's the org structure look like - where do the 'web' guys go? 2) it's nice that passion has got you where you are - how will you overcome being entrepreneurs to run your businesses at the next level?

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