Monday, March 9, 2009

Thanks Twitter

Nothing like a 'going out of business' post to drive blog traffic.

Thanks Twitter.

Here's what I'm learning about Twitter:

- it's not about posting every detail of my life (honestly, do you care?)
- it is about conversation
- the conversation isn't obvious the first time you look at/try Twitter
- Twitter is a great way to share interests
- it's way simpler than Facebook
- make some juicy tweets (links, sharing, pics, insight) and you'll attract some inspiring followers
- connect to some interesting people (directories, see who others are following) and you'll learn some interesting stuff
- post a pic from my lousy BB Curve and get 10x the traffic I do with some photoshopped masterpiece on Flickr
- twitter_tips rocks!
- Whistler is on Twitter - conditions are great
- Air Canada is squatting on Twitter - isn't Twitter the perfect tool for airline updates?!
- the TTC isn't on Twitter but their followers are
- Global TV and a bunch of other media (newspapers, etc) Twitter all the time
- Queen's U is on Twitter - so cool that they get it
- this wine retailer is the king of Twitter marketing
- and Toronto's amazing on Twitter

I'm still taking a break!

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