Sunday, December 6, 2009

Transformational Leadership - Google's Zeitgeist Europe 2009

Here's a fascinating look at various forms of leadership through the eyes and experience of Itay Talgam, a renowned Isreali orchestra conductor.

I came across this piece reading Ken Auletta's new book 'Googled:The End of the World as We Know it' - a must read book for anyone wondering about Google, management, the future of mass media, the future of the world, engineers and inefficiency.

Having read about this presentation that Itay gave at Google's 2008 Zeitgeist conference in Auletta's book I naturally went to Google to find it on the internet. And of course it was there.(Update: actually it isn't there - the link to it has been disabled. This - as the title says - is from the 2009 conference).

Leadership, especially inspiring, effective leadership is something I've tried to observe, practice and coach through both my management assignments and my consulting assignments. This look at 5 (actually only 4 in this presentation) different conducting styles and the different outcomes they achieve is both fascinating - and hopefully - inspirational.

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