Saturday, September 26, 2009 | Business | RIM's fall just a bump along the way?

The sell-off was a next-day reaction to Waterloo-based RIM's weaker-than-expected sales outlook for the busy back-to-school quarter, delivered after the markets closed Thursday alongside a slight dip in fiscal second-quarter earnings.

RIM's hardly going out of business. But....if I'm thinking of getting an iPhone (ok, looking forward to it) something's changed. I'm not my kids. Although I use and enjoy Blacberry Messenger it's not my primary connection to my contact list. Instead I'm absolutely loving the interface, apps and web browsing I get with the iTouch I've been experimenting with. I've even learned how to type easily on it. As a result, it's replaced my laptop and my Blackberry to a way bigger degree than I ever imagined (opening up the real possibility that my next laptop won't be what I currently use either, it will be a netbook and definitely not anything with a Microsoft operating system). Finally an observation. Now that I'm paying a little more attention to the iPhone, I was intrigued to notice that at the conference I attended this week, Blackberries were almost extinct. iPhones were the device of choice with a few cooler than expected Android phones thrown into the mix. Maybe it was the group (not investment bankers). But something's up for sure.

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