Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Apple Is Expected to Update iPods

...of course they are...because I just got an iTouch (free with my daughter's new Mac - kids want Macs and Blackberries).

Getting the iTouch confirmed how difficult typing really is on this platform (easy texting and BB messaging is what the kids love about the BB). It makes me want to put my finger-tips on a Slimfast diet.

On the other hand I was immediately taken (and still am) with the rest of its touch screen interface and most of the other features. I love the wi-fi (not on my BB). In the first 10 minutes I'd downloaded an app costing $3.99 (ooTunes a radio app). Transferred over my address book from Outlook. Synched to Gmail and other Google apps includng Reader. Downloaded the new iTunes, purchased a song. And etc, etc.

Funny, after an hour setting up the iTouch I found myself 'fingering' the screen on my BB. No question, using the trackball now feels a lot retro/old school.

Does this mean if AAPL fixes the keyboard that I could become an iPhone convert?!

Say it ain't so.

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