Monday, February 15, 2010

Thanks for the Concern

No, I'm not 22 and jobless or 52 and feeling unappreciated.

But I could use a good proof-reader.

It seems when I under-punctuated my last post - the first paragraph came off like I was down, out and who knows what?

Friends were calling to see if I was ok.

I'm fine.

Reflecting their concerns, I've changed the punctuation from this (potentially all about me, but not really):

Twenty-two and no job. Thirty two, three jobs and a bunch of crappy bosses. Fourty-two, weary and tired of the treadmill. Fifty-two, spit out and unappreciated.

To this (clear and solid transference to others!):

Twenty-two and no job? Thirty two, three jobs and a bunch of crappy bosses? Fourty-two, weary and tired of the treadmill? Fifty-two, spit out and unappreciated?

What's exciting about this is the learning. It's a key reason why I blog. There's always a risk. And often, some learning.

In this case I was experimenting with an 'edgier' intro than usual. Why not, right? Unfortunately, slipping up on the punctuation gave it an edge I never expected.

I'm going to be OK! And thanks for the learning.

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